Relationships =



Business is all math. It's numbers... leads, revenue, closing ratios, profits, costs.  For some, just thinking about it can make your head spin... or make you stifle a yawn.  So we've taken the mathematical formula and humanized it... knocked it down into its bare elements.  Relationships equals revenues.  With the sum being the shake of a hand.  Or the wave of a pen. 

Math aside, people do business with people they trust.  And like.  Think about who you do business with.  That's what you get with Business Impact Group.



Become Big...

in a Flat World.


When it comes to business, the world is flat.  Technology has made everything transparent… you can find out everything about anything and anyone.  In around 10 minutes.  Think about it… you once knew a person who could do a task.  Now you know ten personally.  And probably know of a hundred others.

So how do you make your mark?  And become that one person that others unconsciously rely on and automatically refer?  It’s not just networking… it’s much more than that.  Isn’t it time to build those ironclad relationships that truly generate the revenue you deserve?

Check out Business Impact Group, and stand up in the crowd.  BIG is designed to foster trust, build business friendships and subsequently generate significant new business for its members.  It’s no accident that we are the fastest growing business development organization in the NY Metro region.  Just ask any of our 90+ (and counting) members and they’ll tell you why.



It's About Giving to Get.


Our philosophy is simple: “good things come to people who give of themselves”.  Now, we didn’t make this up.  We’re pretty sure the concept of karma has been floating around Asia for a couple of millennia.  Even the ancient saying “Ye reap what ye shall sew” comes from the world’s most widely read book.  So we’re pretty sure we have proof of concept.  Ask our members about the benefits of building trust—the concept that is our lynchpin... and focus.


How Much is a Lead Worth?


We don’t have to remind you how competitive and difficult it is out there.  Even getting a cold lead is very, very expensive; let alone a qualified warm or hot lead.  So if you think about it, BIG is designed to actually lower the cost of doing business.  And make you a hero in your organization in every way we can.

But you be the judge— although there are no contracts and you can cancel at any time, we urge you to let BIG simmer for you.  Meet your fellow team members, share stories, discover mutual relationships, laugh a little… and develop the trust.  Stand out in the room… and you’ll find out how to be a mountain in a flat world.  And get the ovation you deserve.

To find out more about membership in BIG, hit us up on the contact page.  Or get to Jim Ferme immediately.  You can reach him at


A Few of the Proud Member Companies of BIG