About BIG

Business Impact Group is comprised of various "Teams" each with between 15 and 25 members.  We meet every two weeks, at our headquarters in Woodbury, NY. and at other locations throughout Long Island.

Each of our members has a specific slot in their respective council--there are no competitors in the room. We generally choose owners, partners, managers and key salespeople within an organization as they are the people who can impact the others in the room most, and be impacted themselves. 

All we ask is that you come loaded for bear.  That is, be ready to ask for the help you need to get in front of the people you need to see.  The huge spheres of influence of the people in the room should be able to do the rest.

Every member has a responsibility to every other member to show up to meetings, return calls, be helpful wherever and whenever possible, and essentially build that trusted relationship that invariably leads to new business relationships.  It's really that simple.