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BIG's founder and president is Jim Ferme. 

Business Impact Group (BIG) is a strategic person-to-person business development community for business owners, professional service firms and executive sales professionals.  And at its core is Jim Ferme.  Jim's primary objective is to provide BIG members with a continuous flow of opportunities.  He uses his vast experience in corporate America as well as his entrepreneurial spirit to demonstrate to other like-minded business people how to uncover new possibilities by creating trusted relationships.  When trust is built, it's easy to positively leverage each other's contacts and spheres of influence to optimize marketplace opportunities.  Every meeting features a fun and interactive exercise designed by Jim to open the minds of the members to new and exciting ways to look at their own businesses in order to present a strong personal introduction.  Jim helps each team member work closely with other team members to create a platform to grow their businesses in a structured, yet enjoyable environment.   This communication of the art and science of business-to-business networking takes place at team meetings and during one-to-one sessions... always with an eye on increasing deal flow with a proven relationship building methodology.

Jim Ferme is a graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology where he earned a Bachelor of Science.  He spent decades working in printing and publishing for Fortune 500 companies.  A native Long Islander, Jim grew up in East Islip and now lives in Huntington with his wife and three children. 

And although he loves red wine, the liquid in the pictured cup is coffee.  After all... this is a morning meeting.